My work is here: Broken Browser

Manuel Caballero
Independent Security Researcher

I am still building the page. You know, when you are in the business of security it is very difficult to find the time to build your own page. But I will (or I will get a CMS!)
In the meantime, if you need to contact me, do it at

Hacking, Security Research, and Penetration Testing is what I do.

Question everything. No evidence? Don't believe it.

The word "crack" has many meanings, and some of them are not that good (at least for me). In this case, cracking only means breaking software, but breaking it for good! I help software companies to improve the security of their applications by inspecting them closely legally. I am not related in any way to "cracking" or software piracy.

491 Security bugs reported in Browsers, excluding all variations. [Patched: ~477]

~11 Security bugs reported in Browser Plug-Ins. [All Patched]

56 Security bugs reported in Stand-Alone Applications. [Patched: don't know, I didn't re-test them]

Still counting (when my kids allow me to play around!).